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DOMO Chemicals reveals decarbonization progress in latest sustainability report

DOMO Chemicals, a global leader in polyamide-based engineered material solutions and services, has published its latest annual Sustainability Report, detailing progress on its sustainability journey, including notable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. DOMO’s mission is to engineer polyamide solutions that contribute to a better, more sustainable world. In publishing its second annual Sustainability Report, DOMO enters a new phase in its decarbonization quest, with confidence in its long-term aspiration to set the standard for sustainability in the industry by 2030.

From the baseline year of 2019, DOMO has made the following progress:

  • Achieved a 27% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Increased renewable electricity sources to 12% throughout its operations.
  • Boosted sales of engineered materials based on recycled feedstock to 11.3%.
  • As a responsible employer, providing a safe and inclusive working environment, DOMO increased the share of women in senior positions to 30%.

"DOMO is pursuing a strategy of sustainable value growth and strives to become, by 2030, a benchmark for sustainable development and social responsibility, and to be recognized among the best in our industry,” said Yves Bonte, Chief Executive Officer, DOMO Chemicals. “We are proud to have made significant progress on our sustainability journey in 2022, together with all our stakeholders."

DOMO’s 2022 Sustainability Report was prepared for the first time in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) Standards, the most widely recognized reporting framework for sustainability. DOMO also became a signatory to the Responsible Care Charter in 2022, joining forces to strengthen sustainability within the global chemicals industry.

2022 Progress towards our 2030 Objectives

From a 2019 baseline, we structured an approach to target setting and progress tracking that allows us to keep an oversight on our sustainability progress.

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Notably, the Sustainability Report details DOMO’s achievements in 2022 towards realizing its 2030 sustainability goals. In terms of decarbonization and broader environmental achievements, against a 2019 baseline, the company:

  • Reduced scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 27%, making significant progress toward its target of 40% reduction by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050.
  • Increased renewable electricity throughout operations to 12%.
  • Reduced waste by 24%.
  • Lowered water intake by 4.5%.

In addition, as a leading provider of polyamide-based sustainable and circular solutions, DOMO:

  • Achieved more than 11% of engineered materials sales based on sustainable feedstock, making excellent progress towards its 2030 target of 20%.
  • Allocated 25% of research and development resources to enhanced recycling.

Moreover, fostering talent and ensuring the well-being of its workforce as a responsible employer is essential for sustainable growth, and 2022 highlights include:

  • Increased share of women in senior positions from 22% in 2021 to 30% in 2022. 
  • Providing a safe and inclusive working environment that encourages personal and professional development as well as a global safety culture.

“Our 2022 Sustainability Report summarizes a full year of achievements and our inspiring sustainability journey will continue,” said Bouchra Caret-Rhers, Sustainability Director, DOMO Chemicals. “Our focus remains on making progress on our decarbonization roadmap, partnering to develop sustainable and circular solutions and offering a safe and inclusive work environment for our employees.”

For more information about DOMO’s sustainability journey and to view the full 2022 sustainability report, visit:

Also, visitors to the Fakuma 2023 international trade fair for plastics processing in Friedrichshafen this October can explore DOMO’s diverse range of TECHNYL®4EARTH® products and meet the DOMO experts who are making this happen.


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DOMO Chemicals reveals decarbonization progress in latest sustainability report
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2022 table

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2022 table
DOMO 2022 Sustainability Report

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DOMO 2022 Sustainability Report
DOMO 2022 Sustainability Report


DOMO 2022 Sustainability Report

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