We offer different grades of HMDA available from 60 to 100% of purity. We recommend to respect a heating temperature without additional safety device of maximum 60°C.

Transport & Packaging:

Thanks to our strong shipping and logistics expertise, we offer multiple logistics & packaging solutions.

HMDA can be transported in a variety of packaging from 170kg to 188kg of HMDA according to the product concentration in 216.5 litre drums. HMDA can be also transported in bulk tanker or iso containers. Air pulsed bulk product can be conveyed into isotanks, tanker trucks, railway tanks, silo trucks and intermediate bulk container (IBC) 1000L. Please consult your local Sales Representative for other packaging options.


Quality and Environment Energy Health Safety Management Systems in place in all our organizations are inspected and certified according to recognized standards.

Our production sites are all certified ISO 9001 & some sites IATF 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001 as well. Certificates are available upon request.


HMDA is mainly used for the production of Nylon Resins synthesis (Nylon 6.6, 6.10, 6.12 and PPA) in the field of Engineering Plastics, Textile Fibers and Industrial Yarns.

HMDA is also used as an intermediate for Hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI) for the manufacturing of paints and inks and as a raw material for isocyanates production for the manufacturing of high performance PU.

HMDA is also used for coatings; detergency; hot melt glues; adhesives; stabilizers for plastics; rubber industry; water treatment chemicals; wet strength paper resins; lubricants; cross linking agent for epoxy resin production.