Design optimization

Our MMI simulation support platform will help you to harness the full potential of TECHNYL® materials in the design and engineering process. Find out more about how our MMI integrated simulation concept can support your design optimization!


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Design optimization

DOMO offers the combination of engineering experience and numerical topological optimization to identify the ideal shape of a part under given loads. Metal replacement and light-weighting are typical use-cases. The software-based topological optimization helps to create fresh ideas for ideal part design and offers a high degree of automatization. All relevant design restrictions can be considered: 

In accordance with customer specifications

  • Available design space
  • Fixation of the part
  • Areas with load applied

Respecting the manufacturing principles for the part

  • Mold opening directions
  • Wall thickness distribution

Weight and cost savings

  • Function integration
  • Reduce complexity of assembly
  • Optimization of material use

With MMI technology, part designers can benefit from advanced mechanical characterizations taking into account the local fiber orientation effect on stiffness and micro-structure failure mechanisms


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