Molding simulation

Injection molding simulation can help you determine the best parameters for each step of the molding process. Learn more! 
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Molding simulation

Based on reliable material measurements, this process can be simulated, evaluated and visualized by DOMO’s simulation team for a full understanding of effects commonly unobservable in a molding tool. A variety of questions can be answered including best gating positions, general filling parameters, best machine settings to reach the shortest possible cycle time, low warpage parts and optimal fiber orientation for mechanical performance. For each step of the molding process, detailed results can be generated:

Filling and packing

  • Determine correct gate location and runner layout
  • Verify resulting pressure/clamp force in combination with injection molding machine limits
  • Compare different material grades
  • Determine correct process parameters


  • Check cooling layout and validate parameters efficiency
  • Optimize cycle time

Shrinkage and warpage

  • Verify mold design impact on part shrinkage/warpage
  • Verify tolerances respect and part functionality
  • Assess influence of different gating positions

As for all simulations, data quality is key. Thus, all relevant TECHNYL grades are included in the material databases of the commercially available injection molding software solutions.

Filling simulation of an e-motor mount in PA-GF


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