Self-navigation and connectivity

A whole different driving experience

The pervasive spread of autonomous cars is considered only a question of time. With their comprehensive arrays of high-tech navigation equipment, they will likely be better drivers than we could ever aspire to be, and their integrated telematics will hopefully also solve many of our traffic problems. 

Yet the connectivity of future cars and other vehicles will extend far beyond traffic flows. Freeing up our hands and minds for other pursuits, their interiors are projected to become new, mobile spaces for virtual work and play.

Sharing, e-cars and hydrogen

Tapping the energizing power of disruption

The greater availability of self-driving, smart cars will also make it easier to share their services. Especially among younger people, experts see an increasing willingness to give up personal ownership out of idealism or convenience, and in many large cities, shared mobility-on-demand is predicted to become the dominant mode of getting from A to B.

Analysts likewise think that by 2030, more than half of all new cars sold could be fully electrified. Dwindling battery costs and regulatory pressures contribute to the trend, while using hydrogen as a source of power may become a viable option for heavier vehicles.

Automotive applications
Our solutions

New materials for a new kind of mobility

Along with the future of cars, the materials needed to build them are changing – and DOMO is there to provide them.

Light, tough engineering plastics that replace metals in cars and reduce weight and eco-footprint? Our high-performance PA, PPA and PPS solutions offer just the right properties. Superior heat resistance for tighter under-the-hood spaces, safe housings for batteries and electronics, aesthetic interior and exterior surfaces, continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics and a wide range of recycled options? You need look no further.



Solutions for demanding future applications

Shaping the world of tomorrow with smart solutions for a demanding future – that is the commitment we fulfill by addressing important megatrends. To help people enjoy better, healthier and more sustainable lives.