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DOMO’s Engineered Materials solutions help create lighter gas cylinder covers

Lightweighting is one of today’s key megatrends across all industries. In the Engineering Plastics segment, key players such as DOMO Chemicals focus on metal replacement in many applications. DOMO is proud to announce its latest success case in the technical gases market. DOMAMID® 6IK4UV1 has been approved officially for the substitution of metal in gas cylinder covers, allowing producers to reduce by half their weight and avoid post-production painting.  

DOMAMID® 6IK4UV1 is a PA 6 based compound, very high impact modified at low temperatures and UV stabilized. The polyamide base solution is available in all colours and used in the production of medical gases cylinder covers.  

Previously, cylinders were made with several metal parts while the new grade allows for one single injection moulded application with very good processability and a high mechanical performance. The Charpy notched impact strength of this solution is 120 kJ/m² at 23°C and 16 kJ/m² at -30°C.  

“DOMO is increasingly focused on metal replacement in mobility, industrial and consumer applications. Thanks to DOMAMID® 6IK4UV1, our customers have been able to develop a new generation of lighter, high-performance cylinder covers. These have passed all mechanical tests, falling from a height of two meters without breaking,” said Lorenzo Tellini, Sales Director Consumer & Electronic Markets at DOMO. “The compound is available in all colours bringing additional value with no post-painting need for metal solutions,” he concluded. 

New branding, the same best-in-class products    

From February 2022 all DOMAMID® solutions will be renamed and incorporated under the TECHNYL® umbrella. Following the acquisition by DOMO Chemicals of Performance Polyamides Business (Polytechnyl) in Europe - including the well-known TECHNYL® brand – DOMO has decided to integrate all current DOMAMID®, ECONAMID® and THERMEC™ branded engineered materials solutions under TECHNYL® worldwide.   

DOMAMID® 6IK4UV1 will become TECHNYL® C 246SIL1.  

The brand merger will help customers by aligning product descriptions with DOMO’s principles of delivering quality, service excellence and consistency. There will be no change in the composition, technology, or processing of DOMO’s materials. Discover the full new TECHNYL® brand architecture here!