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Uwe Kluge, Steffen Jaensch, Dr. Thomas Jende, Frank Tscheuschner (from left) | Photo by Wiegand Sturm.Uwe Kluge, Steffen Jaensch, Dr. Thomas Jende, Frank Tscheuschner (from left) | Photo by Wiegand Sturm.

DOMO Chemicals produces 4 millionth ton of caprolactam

Beginning of March DOMO Caproleuna passed a historic milestone when the 4 millionth ton of caprolactam left the production plants. This amount corresponds to 180,000 truckloads, as the polyamide 6 specialist notifies. Caprolactam is the indispensable intermediate in the production of Nylon 6. Since 1994 DOMO has been producing caprolactam at the Leuna site. Since then the production capacity has gradually expanded to currently 170,000 tons per year. Overall, DOMO Chemicals employs 530 people at the Leuna site.

Caprolactam is primarily required for the production of polyamide 6 and is further processed into high-tech plastics under the brand name DOMAMID® by DOMO’s own, on site integrated polymerization unit. DOMAMID® is mainly used for textile, engineering plastics and film applications. In comparison with natural fibers, nylon 6-fibers offer numerous enhanced application features and a higher retail customer comfort: Textiles made of PA6 are generally lighter, more durable and solid and have a better wearability and maintenance properties than natural fibers.

The caprolactam production has a rich tradition of over 70 years at the Leuna site. In 1942, the world's largest commercial-scale caprolactam plant started its operation on the site. Since then, technology and process know-how have been continuously developed.

Contact at DOMO Caproleuna GmbH:

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