We offer Caprolactam both in liquid form and in flakes (bulk density: 520 ± 10 kg/m³). The storage temperature should not exceed 45 °C.

Transport & Packaging:

Caprolactam is transported in a liquid state at temperatures of 75-90 °C under a N2 atmosphere (O2-content less than 50 ppm) in thermally insulated heatable rail tank cars, containers and road tank cars made of stainless steel. Solid Caprolactam in the form of flakes is packed in water impermeable polyethylene bags of 25 kg. The polyethylene bags are brought to shipping stretch-wrapped on pallets with a net weight of 1.00 / 1.25 / 1.50 mt. Normally 40 feet containers (maximum load 24 mt) are used for transportation overseas. Solid Caprolactam should be protected from direct sunlight and humidity.


Caprolactam is mainly used for the production of polyamide 6 pellets as well as for N-Methylcaprolactam

Specification Caprolactam

Parameter Limiting value Testing method
Permanganate absorption index  max. 5 ISO 8660
Volatile bases max. 0.5 meq/kg ISO 8661
UV-extinction at 290 nm max. 0.05 ISO 7059
Solidification point min. 69 °C ISO 7060
Water max. 0.05 % ISO 760
Color max. 5 Hazen ISO 8112
Alkalinity / acidity max. 0.05 meq/kg 83-076