TECHNYL® LITE - A new direction in lightweight performance

DOMO’s TECHNYL® LITE is an innovative polyamide-based unidirectional (UD) composite tape that takes lightweight performance in a new direction across automotive, sports and leisure, and construction applications. This new glass or carbon fiber-reinforced composite features exceptional specific strength and stiffness, making it a versatile metal replacement solution in various applications. 

Moreover, TECHNYL®LITE unidirectional composite tape not only elevates lightweighting solutions, but also stands as a sustainable choice, being fully recyclable.

Key benefits of TECHNYL®LITE UD tape composites include:

  • Weight reduction achieved through its low density and extreme rigidity and toughness
  • Outstanding, highly directional mechanical properties
  • Adjustable fiber content tailored to suit specific application needs
  • Easy processing 
  • Excellent part performance retention
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Fully recyclable, as a thermoplastic material
Technyl lite

Meeting customer needs for reinforced glass fiber polymers

The innovative UD tape, developed with A+ Composites, features polyamide as the material of choice for higher temperature resistance, improved bonding characteristics and good recyclability. The fiber content can be customized from 50 to 70% glass or carbon fiber, to meet individual customer needs. Injection molded parts can be locally reinforced in response to stress loaded areas, with flexibility in adjusting the lamination thickness and aligning fiber direction according to stress requirements.

UD tape-based composites can be manufactured using two main processes: overmolding or winding. Overmolding implies the thermoforming of tape inside a molding cavity before it overmolds onto an injection-molded part. Winding, on the other hand, entails wrapping  the tape around parts with rotational geometries subject to high stress, as seen in applications like hydrogen tanks.

Why you should choose TECHNYL® LITE

  • Up to 70% glass or 60% carbon fiber
  • High tensile modulus
  • Massive warpage reduction
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • High anisotropy
  • Very good thermo-mechanical properties
  • 100% recyclable

Hybrid Processing of Composites with Injection molding

Key applications of polymer UD tape

TECHNYL® LITE UD tape composites expand DOMO’s offering beyond short fiber solutions, to meet the needs of higher-end applications. The matrix of the TECHNYL LITE product portfolio is based on DOMO’s unique high flow TECHNYL STAR technology. As an integrated supplier of PA6 and PA66, DOMO can tailor the matrix material for the UD tape according to the specific end application.

Thanks to their exceptional levels of specific strength and stiffness, these fiber-reinforced composites are the ideal metal replacement material in a variety of applications, including automotive, sports and leisure, and construction.

TECHNYL® LITE C250 V70 with 70% glass fiber, for example, features three times the strength of short fiber composite material. It also has very good specific strength properties compared to mild steel or aluminum. Similarly, TECHNYL® LITE C210 C60, with 60% carbon fiber, provides exceptional specific strength and stiffness compared to standard materials.

These carbon fiber grades excel in demanding applications requiring both  lightweight and high strength, such as for bicycle frames or components. And the glass fiber grades offer an excellent cost-performance ratio, making them a perfect choice for automotive parts. The levels of thickness can be adjusted according to requirements, with thin UD tapes used for highly adjustable load paths, and thicker layers for enhancing productivity during post-processing.

Furthermore, this polyamide-based composite material is 100% recyclable.

Customer commitment

Combining functional efficiency with esthetic qualities, TECHNYL® Engineered Materials integrates DOMO’s technical expertise with an innovative approach to development, production and testing. 

By providing local support around the world while harnessing a global network, DOMO’s technical development and service centers will help you design the exact solution you need to respect your product requirements, cost constraints and production considerations.  

In addition to a robust portfolio of glass fiber reinforced polymers, customers can benefit from DOMO’s SERVICE HUB, a unique platform of connected services and dedicated experts. This includes MMI TECHNYL® advanced predictive simulation, which brings together state-of-the-art services to provide customer innovation with enhanced capabilities and synergies, eco-design agility and cost optimization. 

As a TECHNYL® Engineered Materials customer, you can choose from a complete portfolio of services – from material selection to prototyping and application performance testing – to accelerate your time-to-market. 

Get in touch to find out more about how TECHNYL® LITE UD tape can be formulated to meet your specific metal replacement needs!

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