For harmonic responses, simulation engineers will be able to use our elastic material models as well, instead of the VE formulation. VE models are especially well-suited for numerous automotive applications, such as:

  • Engine mounts
  • Noise prediction
  • Damping behavior
  • Cyclic loading

This makes it a perfectly efficient tool in all industrial simulation frameworks. Models are available for PA6-GF and PA66-GF with varying temperature and humidity levels.

Visco-elastic models

MMI visco-elastic models are unique on the market in the way that they can robustly predict part performance under vibrating conditions for noise and material damping applications in particular for the automotive market. 

Cyclic loading vibration noise model - 1st mode of vibration on an electric motor mount

Cyclic loading vibration noise model - 2nd mode of vibration on an electric motor mount


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