Thermal-strain-rate-elasto-plastic (TSREP) material law variants offer, in addition to temperature, a strain-rate parameterization at short timeframes for applications in demanding environments for all markets.

This makes DOMO’s TEP and TSREP models extremely efficient in seamlessly accounting for any strain-rate or temperature conditions a part may be subject to. 

TEP and TSREP files enable the simulation of the most demanding applications:

  • Differential assembly part warpage due to thermal loading
  • Leakage prediction
  • Hybrid assemblies, over-molded parts under thermal load
  • Self-tapping screws
  • Behavior of assemblies with long-time deformation under thermal loading

MMI material models enable you to determine failure mechanism and stiffness dependencies of part assemblies subjected to differential thermal dilatations and loadings. MMI coupled thermal and velocity dependent material models are unique in the polyamide market, allowing you to robustly and seamlessly tackle complex problems such as self-tapping screws or long-term deformation under thermal loading. 

Image: Influence of increasing temperatures and high strain rates on PA-GF material behavior


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