Innovation in the automotive industry continues to accelerate as the move towards sustainable, electrified and autonomous mobility picks up pace. Vehicles and their parts are evolving to meet critical requirements for a lower carbon footprint, lighter weight, as well as improved performance, safety and comfort, all of which require cutting-edge manufacturing materials.
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Automotive and sustainable mobility solutions

From transmission parts and powertrains to fuel, cooling, structural and electrical systems, to cockpit components and exterior, DOMO’s TECHNYL® polyamides and its teams of experts give you the ability to integrate cost, performance and esthetic features to stay competitive. TECHNYL® polyamides offer a full portfolio of solutions over a broad range of temperature and operating conditions. Harnessing these solutions for lightweighting, thermal management, flame resistance, chemical resistance, UV resistance and CO2 reduction will give you a competitive edge.


Thermal management and cooling solutions

Cooling Solutions by TECHNYL® are a material family designed for automotive thermal management. They combine superior hydrolysis and thermal aging performance in the presence of aggressive coolants and e-fluids for immersion battery cooling, for instance. Cooling Solutions by TECHNYL® are designed for both injection-molding and extrusion technologies.

For injection-molding applications, the range includes a high-end compounds that perfectly meet road salt challenges in low-temperature regions, for example. And when you have to deal with high temperatures, this line of TECHNYL® solutions provides your engine with a superior resistance to hot glycol. Cooling Solutions by TECHNYL® also include a cost-effective PA6 formulation for battery cooling. These grades are additionally available in sustainable TECHNYL® 4EARTH® and high-purity TECHNYL® PURE formulations, the latter being well-suited for sensors and connectors in automotive cooling systems.

For extrusion applications such as cooling pipes and corrugated cooling tubes, TECHNYL® SHAPE offers dedicated solutions to meet your temperature and pressure requirements, from AC suction lines to refrigerant lines and battery cooling systems.

After rigorous testing at OEMs and tiers level, Cooling Solutions by TECHNYL® obtained full approval for use in parts such as radiator-end tanks, expansion tanks, electronic thermostat housing, oil filter housings/modules, quick connectors, cooling pipes, EGR heat exchangers and battery cooling systems.

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Air management solutions

The TECHNYL® RED range of heat-resistant polyamides is designed especially for automotive applications to resist the higher continuous heat stress of the latest-generation internal combustion and hybrid engines operating at continuous temperatures between 200°C and 220°C. This line of advanced high temperature-resistant thermoplastics helps OEMs and tier suppliers to reach new levels of performance with their turbo system parts in high performance engines.

Automotive electrical & electronics

TECHNYL® PURE is a new range of high-purity polyamide compounds specially formulated to ensure safety-critical functionality in electrical and electronic parts in electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles. Newly electrified functions for higher voltage vehicles, such as e-water pumps, e-thermostat housings and e-valves, require high purity compounds to avoid corrosion and restrict contaminant migration and deposition, and for which the high purity grades of TECHNYL® PURE have been formulated.

TECHNYL® ONE halogen-free polyamides deliver a superior flowability and high-temperature matrix, as well as the best electrical properties and HFFR performance within our portfolio. This range is well suited for parts such as connectors, busbars, charging plugs, etc.


High-voltage applications

For your safety, TECHNYL® PROTECT, TECHNYL STAR® and TECHNYL® ONE are available in ORANGE for high-voltage automotive components and cabling in electric vehicles. These grades offer reliable color retention, laser-marking, flame-retardancy and high heat and fatigue resistance. Several RAL variants are available.

EV-charging stations

TECHNYL® polyamides offer a vast array of solutions for designing and producing parts for EV-charging stations through the TECHNYL® PROTECT, TECHNYL STAR® and TECHNYL® ONE lines. These ranges include an extensive UL F1 offering for use in terminal blocks, charging sockets, charging inlets, IC-CPD, etc.


Structural applications

Metal replacement with lighter weight plastics is key to today’s and tomorrow’s mobility. The chassis and body structure being the largest parts in a vehicle, the lightweighting solutions offered by TECHNYL® allow for tremendous design improvements compared to metals.

In particular, TECHNYL® MAX and TECHNYL STAR® formulations provide excellent structural solutions. TECHNYL STAR® is a high strength, high flow polyamide, while TECHNYL® MAX is higher-stiffness glass fiber reinforced polyamide. These formulations are notably well-suited for EV applications, which require significant rigidity and fatigue resistance due to higher frequencies and cyclical loads. They are also ideal for structural components, such as transmission and motor mount cross beams, battery system mounts, air shutter grills and seat structures, as well alternator and stator parts, and battery casings (48V).

In addition, a new TECHNYL STAR® solution is now available for automotive flame-retardant needs combined with our high-flow technology.

Interior applications

TECHNYL® and TECHNYL STAR® engineered materials designed for interior applications support common product specifications as well as emerging and highly demanding requirements for comfort and esthetics. Thanks to outstanding resistance to UV radiation and light, as well as exceptional wear resistance, interior parts are durable. TECHNYL® products can be made available in several colors according to OEM requirements.

DOMO’s NYLEO® Performance Fiber solutions ensure comfortable automotive interiors based on polyamide 66 tow for flock coverings. Ideal for pillars, seats, trunk doors, rear decks, glove boxes, and window channels, these solutions provide natural softness and pleasant sensory qualities, giving the passenger compartment a feeling of elegance and harmony.

Exterior applications

Exterior applications, such as door handles, locks, and outdoor mirror frames and supports, require superior esthetic properties and easy paintability, for which TECHNYL® and TECHNYL STAR® polyamides with improved surface finish are particularly well-suited. Thanks to outstanding resistance to UV radiation and light, as well as exceptional wear resistance, exterior parts made with TECHNYL® stand up over time.

Blow molding and extrusion technologies

TECHNYL® SHAPE provides industry-leading polymer solutions to meet the challenges of transporting air, fluids, glycol, fuel, refrigerants and dielectric fluids for battery immersion cooling for electric vehicles (EVs). This line of polyamides offers excellent chemical resistance to ensure that the parts can endure the highly aggressive automotive chemical environment, for automotive and motorbike pipes and tanks, for instance. It also comprises dedicated materials for fuel cell applications, such as hydrogen tank liners.

Fuel cell applications

Circularity and CO2 reduction

TECHNYL® 4EARTH® has opened a new dimension of applications for sustainable polyamides, providing leading-edge performance comparable to traditional PA6 and PA66 and available in various grades with a glass or carbon fiber content up to 50%. A 30% glass reinforced TECHNYL® 4EARTH® solution offers up to an 80% lower carbon footprint than conventional TECHNYL® depending on the type and quantity of recycled content and the recycling technology adopted.

DOMO HUB Services

Our advanced services

DOMO HUB Services feature MMI’s advanced predictive simulation and Application Performance Testing (APT) services. DOMO is one of the few polyamide suppliers worldwide equipped to support customers from material selection to design optimization, molding and mechanical simulation, including application performance testing under real-life conditions. These state-of-the-art competencies and tools, the result of years of development at DOMO, allow for quicker and safer new application development cycles.

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