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Plastics and polymers are increasingly used by the building & construction industry as more flexible, robust and efficient alternatives to traditional, more costly materials. In an age of increasing urbanization and scarce natural resources, this sector is at a critical juncture. Sustainability, including water and energy efficiency, as well as safety and comfort, have taken on greater urgency and innovative materials are vital to the future of the industry.
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Key benefits

Almost 100 TECHNYL® and NYLEO® grades available on industry & building in our product finder
70 years
We offer more than 70 years of experience in polyamide
Heat-aging stabilized, high stiffness, high dimensional stability and many other features available
Our TECHNYL® grades can be purchased worldwide

More urban, more sustainable and more innovative

With an array of formulations for thermal management, chemical, fire and water resistance, DOMO’s TECHNYL® polymers are ideal for applications throughout the building & construction sector.

Building & construction solutions

TECHNYL® polyamides offer a full portfolio of solutions over a broad range of temperature and operating conditions. Harnessing these solutions for lightweighting, thermal management, flame resistance, chemical resistance, UV resistance and CO2 reduction will give you a competitive edge.

Applications include structural elements such as doors and windows; electrical protection; water management; control & command, including lighting; and smart-home technology.

Building and construction

Structural elements for doors and windows

TECHNYL® and TECHNYL® SHAPE* polyamides are widely used in thermal barriers for windows, interior wall insulation systems and movable shutter slats supports. Thanks to outstanding resistance to UV radiation and light, as well as exceptional wear resistance, structural parts stand up over time.

Electrical protection, control & command

TECHNYL® polyamides offer a vast array of solutions for designing and producing electrical protection, power management equipment and control & command devices for the building & construction sector with the TECHNYL® PROTECTTECHNYL STAR® and TECHNYL® ONE product lines.

The TECHNYL® PROTECT line of flame-retardant polyamide solutions includes halogen-free options and is ideal for electrical and electronic applications. These polyamides achieve the most demanding levels of fire and electrical resistance, providing an optimal response to increasingly rigorous safety standards.

The TECHNYL STAR® halogen-free flame retardant (HFFR) polyamide line is the best choice when it comes to critical processing operations. And TECHNYL® ONE halogen-free polyamides deliver a superior flowability and high-temperature matrix, as well as the best electrical properties and HFFR performance within our portfolio.

DOMO offers a full range of TECHNYL®, TECHNYL STAR®, TECHNYL® PROTECT & TECHNYL® ONE products with UL Yellow Card certification. Please reach out to your sales representative for the full list.

Heating & sanitary: Water distribution networks

The TECHNYL® SAFE portfolio of polymers meets the highest standards required for optimum performance in applications such as circulation pumps, valves, fittings, hydraulic components, water meters, water softeners, boiler components, water purifiers and desalination systems. DOMO is one of the few suppliers worldwide to offer full European and American certification for its portfolio of drinking water contact and water system materials.

TECHNYL® SAFE polyamides deliver certified high performance for years of service in contact with hot water as well as cold drinking water.

TECHNYL® SAFE also comprises an innovative PA6.10 material specifically formulated for the plumbing market. PA6.10 materials provide the same benefits as PA66, with lower water-uptake, yielding exceptional dimensional stability and chlorine resistance, while maintaining strong mechanical performance. The added benefits of PA6.10 materials enable these polyamides to be used in more demanding applications than standard PA66 materials, notably with higher temperatures, while providing longer product life.

When it comes to specific glycol or fluid environments, the Cooling Solutions by TECHNYL® range combines superior hydrolysis and thermal aging performance in the presence of aggressive coolants.

water management

Circularity and CO2 reduction

TECHNYL® 4EARTH® has opened a new dimension of applications for sustainable polyamides, providing leading-edge performance comparable to traditional PA6 and PA66 and available in various grades with a glass or carbon fiber content up to 50%. A 30% glass reinforced TECHNYL® 4EARTH® formulation can offer up to an 80% lower carbon footprint than conventional TECHNYL®, depending on the type and quantity of the recycled content and the recycling process used for its production.

TECHNYL® 4EARTH® for residential applications

DOMO HUB Services

Our advanced services

DOMO HUB Services feature MMI’s advanced predictive simulation and Application Performance Testing (APT) services. DOMO is one of the few polyamide suppliers worldwide equipped to support customers from material selection to design optimization, molding and mechanical simulation, including application performance testing under real-life conditions. These state-of-the-art competencies and tools, the result of years of development at DOMO, allow for quicker and safer new application development cycles.

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Today’s consumer products must fulfill ever greater needs at a time when leisure and work have become increasingly complementary activities. Robust, flexible, lightweight and sustainable engineered materials help us more fully enjoy our lifestyle choices.

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In today’s digitally connected world, consumers want products that are safe, reliable, and sustainable. Our homes, cars, businesses and factories are linked, online and outfitted with advanced aids to maximize performance and efficiency. This technology-enabled world depends to a large extent on robust, flexible and lightweight engineering materials.

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The textile industry is a familiar market for DOMO, as our business started with the production of carpet filament. Today we deliver high-quality polyamide 6 and 66 (PA6, PA66) base resins for fiber extrusion, targeting textile, industrial yarns as well as performance fiber applications.