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DOMO presents ECONAMID® at VOLVO Sustainable Tech Show 2020

DOMO is a proud participant at the Volvo Sustainable Tech Show 2020 which took place at the Volvo Cars offices in Shanghai on July 21-22. The global polyamides solutions provider was selected to present their ECONAMID® engineering plastics range, which offers a complete assortment of sustainable PA6 and PA66 compounds.

DOMO, as an integrated leader in polyamide, is among several material suppliers to have been invited to showcase their sustainable solutions to Volvo cars at the event where the main themes relate to ‘Recycled materials’, ‘Energy efficiency’ and ‘Collaboration with suppliers.’ ECONAMID® meets the need for ecological yet affordable products and raw materials, without sacrificing quality.

But these goals cannot be achieved purely by cutting back on carbon emissions while driving. They require a strategy that takes both the car’s production and the materials used into account. A holistic sustainability strategy is particularly important in the case of electric vehicles (EVs), where the environmental impact of production is higher than for traditional combustion vehicles. Lowering this impact is becoming a priority for forward-thinking car manufacturers such as Volvo.

Fabrizio Cochi, General Manager Asia Pacific at DOMO says, “Today, concern about automotive pollution is mostly concentrated on the CO2 emitted when the car is driving, but the environmental impact of its components is essential too, particularly in the case of EVs. By using a unique fibre feedstock, monitoring our energy consumption, and using renewable energy sources, with ECONAMID®, we have managed to produce a top-quality “green” range of products that works in great products such as Volvo cars”.

The ECONAMID® engineering plastics range consists of a complete assortment of sustainable PA6 and PA66 compounds, based on high quality, pre-consumer fibre feedstock, that is secured by reliable, long-term supply agreements. It offers environmental and durable solutions, while meeting the highest industry quality standards. When compared to a standard PA6 virgin-based countertype with 30% glass fibre, the savings in terms of CO2 emissions can reach 80%, water consumption can drop 47%, and the reduction of non-renewable energy savings can be as much as 60%. These benefits have been proven with LCA and EPD certification.

ECONAMID® is a great example of why DOMO is the market leader in sustainable polyamide solutions and shows the company’s proven knowhow in the development of automotive applications that are moulded with these materials. Air deflectors and air ducts, dashboard layers, engine covers, AIM, middle console, seat components and exterior applications are just a few examples of the successes that have proven themselves within this industry.

The product further demonstrates how DOMO Chemicals is closing the loop in terms of its sustainability strategy, by creating links between different industries. The purpose of this is an industrial secondary feedstock reprocessing. Furthermore, DOMO continues to focus on the use of alternative raw materials to establish a circular nylon model within plastics, as well as ramping up production technology and capacity for products such as ECONAMID®.

Many of the ECONAMID® products are customized and have been developed in close collaboration with business partners, for applications in Automotive, E&E, Building & Constructing, and Sports & Leisure. It is this partnership element that is so crucial to highlight at events such as the Volvo Sustainable Tech Show 2020, as sustainability gains are best achieved together.

"We believe that the partnership with automotive OEM’s and TIERs to redesign cars and thinking about their end of life and easiness to dismantle, collect and recycle their parts, is the only way forward. This is why we’re so looking forward to showcasing our technology at the Volvo Sustainable Tech Show 2020", Cochi concludes.

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