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PCIAW Summit: Nylon 6.6 fibers with enhanced biodegradability from DOMO

As the textile industry embraces sustainable development concerns, regulatory push and economic pull are driving manufacturers to seek ways to reduce their impacts on the environment and decreasing the amount of waste left to future generations. DOMO Chemicals has developed solutions that transform synthetic nylon 6.6 fibres into biodegradable materials once landfilled.  

DOMO Performance Fibres is using Amni Soul Eco® Technology, developed by the Solvay group, produced and distributed by DOMO Performance Fibres,  by applying and dispersing specific additives in the polyamide 6.6 matrix to bring an enhanced biodegradability to its fibers while maintaining the standard characteristics of nylon 6.6 such as durability, long life, high tenacity, soft touch and abrasion resistance.

As demonstrated by laboratory biodegradation tests in accordance with ASTM D5511*, fibers using Amni Soul Eco® biodegrades in around 5 years after disposed of properly in landfills, compared to more than 50 years for synthetic fibers in general.

Like other biodegradable products, once it is in the landfill, DOMO Performance Fibres using Amni Soul Eco® technology, breaks down into organic matter (biomass) and biogas; both of these can then be exploited as new environmental resources as well as being used to cogenerate electricity.

Take part in this conference at PCIAW Summit on November 2d at the Hilton London Metropole in London to learn more about our nylon 6.6 fibres with enhanced biodegradability.

*Standard Test Method for Determining Anaerobic Biodegradation of Plastic Materials Under High-Solids Anaerobic -Digestion Conditions (equivalent to ISO 15985).

Florent Cottin

By Florent Cottin, Marketing Manager at Domo Performance Fibres

With more than 20 years of experience in the polymers industry, Florent has an enriched experience in technical product management & marketing. 

Today he is the marketing manager of the "Performance Fibres" business of DOMO Chemicals. Since 2018, he has  been focusing on  the development of highly differentiating and innovative nylon 6.6 based fibers with enhanced biodegradability, flame retardant properties or antibacterial properties, designed for the textile industry and especially for Personal Protective Equipment Fabrics.