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Join the green revolution with DOMO sustainable solutions

Miniaturization and sustainability are technology trends with a major impact on all aspects of our daily lives. These developments are bringing in intelligent machines and equipment that are lighter, smaller, easier and safer to handle while offering greater functionality and smarter application features.

DOMO is supporting these advances with improved customized high-flow products (Domamid® VHF/FAST products) to enable thinner wall sections to be created with reduced cycle times and enhanced product design flexibility.
Increasingly stringent flame-retardancy standards and safety requirements have spurred further innovations in the FR product market. DOMO’s key strength lies in partnering with customers in their development work from design through to production, with an array of innovative materials solutions.

DOMAMID® FR is a comprehensive range of flame-retardant compounds based on PA6 and PA66, the vast majority of which are halogen-free. These materials use FR additives with higher temperature resistance but without additive migration and with no negative impact on the moulding equipment. We run development programmes for high-temperature polyamide formulations for PCB connectors and miniaturized components. Halogenated products are available for applications demanding GWIT values of over 850°C.

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We have a new working group focusing on the e-mobility segment. As a development partner, DOMO is driving innovation along the e-value chain from charging-station components to vehicle power inlets. There are various development projects in the EV arena, on power distribution with HV plugs and battery cable connectors. Smart materials like thermally and electrically conductive, EMI shielding, UD tapes and high-filled FR-compounds will enable electric- and autonomous-vehicle makers to meet demanding lightweighting targets.

DOMO is forging ahead with the development of more sustainable eco-friendly materials. Industrial switches, fans and plugs can now be made with ECONAMID® FR based on secondary raw-material feedstocks, ensuring drastically reduced carbon footprints for this type of product.

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