With the increasing environmental awareness of consumers, the drive for sustainable childcare products is part of a growing mega-trend in consumer goods with DOMO’s ECONAMID® polyamides contributing from sporting equipment and power tools to furniture and thermal barrier applications.

Developed from recycled post-industrial textile fibres recycling, ECONAMID® polyamides provide significant sustainability credentials compared to virgin base solutions. DOMO has managed to produce a top-quality ‘green’ range of products based on three factors: Using unique fibre feedstock, monitoring our energy consumption, and using renewable energy sources.

In the last several years, DOMO has cemented its position as market leader in the recycled, engineered polyamides, PA6 and PA66, providing extraordinary quality consistency and a broad range of customizable solutions to meet customers’ requirements.

The bestowal of DOMO Chemicals with the 2018 European Product Line Strategy Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan has underscored our position as a prominent solution provider in the market.

Elisabetta Testa

Elisabetta Testa

Marketing & Communications, Domo Engineering Plastics