DOMO provides our customers with the best tools and products for innovation. Our DOMAMID® product range offers long-term heat stabilised and hydrolysis resistant materials for the "under the hood" market segment. UV stabilised grades and High Quality Surface materials cover the needs of internal and external automotive applications.

Our DOMAMID® product range offers natural, XB (patented technology) or full compound coloured products. The excellent base material derived from our polymerisation guarantees top quality.

Electric and electronic

Electronic & Electric

Increasingly stringent fire codes and flammability requirements, both in building materials and home appliance production have created a continuous demand for strong flame retardant materials. DOMAMID® products provide specific materials for each electronic application.

Industry and consumer goods

Industry & Consumer Goods

Our materials are woven into the everyday lives of people, families and professionals all over the world. Homes, offices and cars have become inconceivable without these products. Mobile phones, home appliances, our children's toys and many free time objects would simply not exist without them.

DOMAMID® is widely used to replace metal in the furniture industry and for industrial machine parts. Coloured (30-40%) glass-filled UV-stabilised grades are used to mould DIY tools, while DOMAMID® low temperature stabilized polyamide has been developed particularly for winter sports equipment.

Discover more in our webinars

DOMO Chemicals has created a wide range of inspiring webinars about our leading engineered material solutions. We partner with key platforms, for example UL Prospector®, and have produced several digital customers events such as "Connect2DOMO" in 2020. You can access all sessions and speeches after having registered by clicking on the link.   

Our brands

The brands of DOMO Chemicals

Building on our long-standing expertise in polyamide chemistry and the outstanding suitability of these light, robust and highly recyclable polymers for sustainable purposes, we offer valuable innovations in new and important areas.