The Thermec™ product range is formulated with different high temperature base polymers depending on the specific application requirements.  The growing list of available grades delivers a wide range of properties depending on the type and concentration of the reinforcing agents (glass fibres, minerals, etc.) stabilizers and processing aids.

If your application requirement might not be matched by DOMAMID® or ECONAMID® materials DOMO is able to offer these PPA and PPS based alternatives. Thermec might be the right solution if higher continuous temperature is requested up to 230°C, or if the applications need high chemical resistance, increased dimensional stability or lower moisture absorption.

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Based on several different PPA base polymer types, the THERMEC™ N family offers an extensive portfolio of semi-crystalline thermoplastic compounds for use in both oil and water heated molds. These compounds offer a unique combination of strength, temperature, wear and chemical resistance. The most common grades are 30% and 35% glass fibre reinforced compounds. The mechanical properties of THERMEC™ N surpass those of standard PA6 and PA6.6 polyamides at application temperatures up to 230°C – ideal for metal replacement.

Suitable for higher heat exposure applications like smaller-sized vehicles, where tighter under-hood packaging, reduced air flow, and hotter environments require higher performing materials


  • High melting point
  • Continuous service temperature up to 230°C
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good fuel resistance
  • Good creep resistance


THERMEC™ S provides unmatched value in demanding applications where superior heat resistance, design stiffness, wear & friction and process flow qualities are required. With no known solvent below 200°C, PPS outperforms PA6, PA6.6 and PPA in most difficult environments, including exposure to steam and harsh chemicals. This makes PPS compounds ideal for water pump impellers and energy exploration and production applications. THERMEC™ S PPS also have the ability to be molded, extruded, or machined to extremely tight tolerances for more precise forming of detailed designs that cannot be matched even by the substitution of metal or cast iron. The THERMEC™ S product range offers a wide variety of reinforcing options with differing filler content, including glass fibre, glass bead and mineral.


  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Superb chemical resistance
  • Outstanding dimensional stability
  • Inherently flame retardant
  • Stable electrical properties
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Thermec™ ZED the solution for challenging 3D printing

Driven and inspired by the challenges our customers present us we have developed innovative material for 3D printing The result is a filament able to compete with the most noble and performing thermoplastic materials.

Material properties:

  • Excellent adhesion between layers
  • Excellent processability
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Very high chemical & mechanical properties
  • Inherently flame retardant
  • Sandable and paintable

Thermec™ ZED can be made conductive or with low friction coefficient and wear resistant, in case of use in electrical or complex gears applications.

Thermec™ K – Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) Compounds

PEEK is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic with excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance that are retained even at high temperatures. It is the most thermally stable thermoplastic currently on the market. It has a glass transition temperature of around 143 °C and a melting point of about 343 °C.

A combination of high stiffness and low density makes PEEK polymer-based compounds ideal for innovative designs requiring structural performance and weight reduction at elevated temperatures.
It is wear resistant, inherent flame retardant and is known for its very low toxicity upon combustion.

The Thermec™ K product range offers a variety of different products developed for specific application needs. The most prevalent grades of this line are glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced products.

 Material properties:

  • Exceptional properties at elevated temperatures:
  • Chemical resistance
  • Mechanical strength
  • Wear/abrasion resistance
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Dielectric strength
  • Suitable for continuous-use temperatures up to 260°C
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Building on our long-standing expertise in polyamide chemistry and the outstanding suitability of these light, robust and highly recyclable polymers for sustainable purposes, we offer valuable innovations in new and important areas.